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Hello Tiger Families, 

It is a short but busy week here at Lander Valley High School.  Even though we are in between seasons there are still a lot of great accolades coming for our incredible students.  

We are very fortunate to have four students selected as All-Northwest as this encompasses students from seven different states who will come together this spring to form one choir and one orchestra and practice and perform in Portland, Oregon.  Congratulations to Savita Forbis, McKenna Kail and Micah Kistemann who made the choir, and to Olivia Fowler who made the orchestra!  Special thanks to Mrs. Kistemann for her efforts to give our students this opportunity!

Congratulations to Max Mazurie, Conrad Swenson, and Jasper Roy who were recently named to the All-State Football team for their efforts and contributions on the gridiron this past season.  All three of them were also named all-conference and Mason Cronk and John Fawson also joined them in being named all-conference.  

Today our students and staff are busy on our biggest service project of the year, getting ready to deliver all of the fixings for over 100 Thanksgiving meals to those who need some assistance this holiday.  Each year our FBLA, FFA and Student Council Students join together to gather food, raise donations and then sort and divide to create incredible festive meals for over 100 families.   I am personally so proud of this effort and so greatly appreciate all of the hard work of our students and staff.  

Last Friday our SPEAK Club took the day to work with two-presenters from the Anti-Defamation League on creating a No Place for Hate School.  They are in the beginning stages but the goal is to create an even more inclusive, accepting, and friendly school.  I am proud of the efforts of our staff and especially proud of our students who have began to work towards making LVHS an even better place to go to school!

There are lots of questions about tomorrow's (11/21) schedule and so I will list that below.  All students are expected to be here unless excused by their parents. As you can see from the schedule below they will go to all seven periods before being excused at 12:30 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  This year we added they ability for teachers to refer students who they really need to see and work with.  If your student was referred you would have already received a letter and a phone call from our staff.  Those students will have a special schedule where we will focus their time on the subject that needs the most attention, all they need to do is show up to their normal first period and we will take them from there.  




Early Dismissal – Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Period 1 8:00 – 8:35 am

Period 2 8:39 – 9:14 am

Period 3 9:18 – 9:53 am

Period 4 9:57– 10:32 am

Period 5 10:36 – 11:11 am

Period 6 11:15 – 11:50 pm

Period 7 11:54 – 12:30 pm

Breakfast will be served before school, Lunch will not be served!

The TIGER CAGE WILL HAVE PIZZA AVAILABLE – $1 or 3 Tokens per slice

Buses will leave LVHS at 12:35 PM!


We are also getting lots of questions as to the end of the semester.  We will not be running any special schedule for finals at the end of the semester.  Students will take care of all of their tests and evidence pieces in their regularly scheduled class periods.  Our last day of the semester is Friday, 12/21 and that is a half day.  That day is reserved at LVHS for only students who are not yet done with their tests or classes.  We will specifically invite those students when the time gets closer, however any students who have completed all of their pieces of evidence and have met proficiency on all of their standards will not need to come to LVHS on that Friday 12/21. Students return for the first day of second semester on Monday, 1/7.  

I hope that you all have a splendid Thanksgiving with friends and family.  


Brad Neuendorf, LVHS Principal