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Hello Everyone, 

The end of the semester is coming soon and I wanted to make sure you were all aware of a few important items as we close out this incredible first half of the year.  With the new standards based grading approach LVHS will no longer be doing special final exam schedules.  In the past we have worked our schedule to ensure no student is taking too many exams on one day.  With the focus on small, frequent and constant assessments your students will not experience the 90 minute exams in every class that they once did.  Our traditional and AP/Concurrent enrollment students will still some of that, however since it will not be in every period were are going to have just a normal schedule as we finish our finals.  Our hope is that this approach will also minimize the amount of stress experienced by our students during this already difficult time of year.  So the schedule goes as is:


Monday 12/18 — Regular Monday Schedule

Tuesday 12/19 — Regular Tuesday Schedule

Wednesday 12/20 — Regular Friday Schedule, so that we can balance class time out on our short week

Thursday 12/21 — 8:00 11:20 — Makeup Finals/Volleyball Tournament in the Fieldhouse

                          11:20 — 12:10 Lunch 

                          12:10 — 2:00 Giving Day (Community Service Projects organized by teachers)

                          2:00 — 3:30 Movie in the Auditorium

Friday 12/22 — 1/3 — Students on Break!  


In regards to grades, I do want to remind everyone that the ultimate rationale for moving to a Standards-Based Grading system was to guarantee that all students had met the priority standards.  Please keep in mind that our gradebook can actually calculate grades that would show passing letter grades while a student may still be in need of additional resources in a certain standard.  Teachers are looking to ensure that all students have a minimum of 2.5 overall in each standard that is being addressed this semester.  If a student had a C, but was below a 2.5 in a particular standard the teacher would mark the final letter grade as an "I" (incomplete) and would then write an "ILP" (individual learning plan) for the student to reach a minimum of 2.5 in that particular standard. As soon as that ILP was accomplished the grade would be updated and would receive the appropriate letter grade. Teachers are currently working with students to ensure that they do everything they can prior to the end of the semester to not be in this situation but we do anticipate that some students may need additional time and resources to meet all of our priority standards.  Please do not let this process alarm you, rather please be assured that LVHS is committed to ensuring that all of our students have all of the standards needed to be successful at the next level!  If you have concerns or questions please do not hesitate to let me or your teacher know right away.   

I would like to congratulate LVHS Math teacher Shawna Morgan for recently presenting to math teachers from across the country at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) National Conference in Las Vegas right before Thanksgiving Break. Another one of her math colleagues, Joe Meyer, recently presented at the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, where he was also there to be awarded as a State Finalist for that prestigious award.  We also recently had Chris Babb who currently works in our library but is a certified PE teacher present at the Wyoming Association for Health and Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (WAHPERD) State Conference last month.  We are lucky to have such an incredible staff at LVHS and it is awesome to see them sharing with colleagues from around the nation the incredible things we are doing at LVHS.  

Lander Valley High School is putting on "Bye Bye Birdie" December 7,8, and 9 at 7:00 pm.  

Listed below are the three links to tickets for each night. PLEASE SHARE!! Folks can also visit our Facebook page, click on events, then click on the night they'd like to purchase tickets for and they can purchase them directly from FB (Please share on your personal FB pages!

Thurs, Dec 7th

Fri, Dec 8th

Bye Bye Birdie – LVHS Drama Club, Fri, Dec 8th, 7p-9p

The Bye Bye Birdie musical is a Broadway and American Film classic. Featuring songs like “Put On A Happy Face” and “A Lot of Livin To Do,” Bye Bye Birdie is a 1962 Tony Award winning musical that tells the story of what goes on around an immensely popular rock and roll singer, Conrad Birdie, who’s about to be drafted into the army (think Elvis)…


Sat, Dec 9th

Bye Bye Birdie – LVHS Drama Club, Sat, Dec 9th, 7p-9p

The Bye Bye Birdie musical is a Broadway and American Film classic. Featuring songs like “Put On A Happy Face” and “A Lot of Livin To Do,” Bye Bye Birdie is a 1962 Tony Award winning musical that tells the story of what goes on around an immensely popular rock and roll singer, Conrad Birdie, who’s about to be drafted into the army (think Elvis)…


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Tickets are also on sale at the high school office, the middle school office, the district office, and the Lander Journal.

Congratulations to the LVHS Choir and Band programs who just had several students selected to All State.  Choir had a total of eight students selected, two students made the Orchestra and another two students made the All State Band!  These students will now head to the Music Conference in January. Those receiving the honor are as follows:

  • Carmen Alvarez De Diego-Trombone
  • Cecilia Dentici-Oboe
  • Olivia Fowler-Cello
  • Emilee Sheridan-Violin
  • Shaelyn Harmon-choir soprano 
  • Noelle Harris-choir soprano 
  • McKenna Kail-choir alto
  • Cristian Kistemann-choir tenor
  • Sam Kistemann-choir tenor
  • Timothy Kistemann-choir tenor
  • Bryce Ratliff-choir tenor
  • McKella Stigers-choir alto


You will have your chance to see these talented artists and the rest of our incredible band and choir students next week as the LVHS Band has their winter concert on Monday 12/11 at 7pm and the LVHS Choir will host their concert on Tuesday 12/12 at 7pm.  These are always excellent concerts and I hope that you can find time for a little holiday cheer, Tiger Style! 

Lisa Moss is currently in Casper with her Congressional Debate team as they compete with other teams from around the state.  If you will remember Mrs. Moss just recently returned with her Mock Trial team from their state competition as well. A big thank you goes out to our FFA membership and their advisor Mike McConnell who recently just raised around $3,000 to help support local residents struggling with cancer.  They showed they were tough enough by collecting pledges for pushups to earn their keep.   This comes after FFA partnered with the FBLA to send over 115 turkey baskets to families in need around the county.  LVHS sure does have a lot to be thankful and proud of!    

Good luck to our winter sports teams as they begin competition this weekend with the Girls Basketball team playing in the Buffalo Tournament while the Boys are playing in the Cody Tournament.  Nordic ski is off to Casper and wishing for more snow, while wrestling heads to Powell and Swimming goes to Pinedale.  The Speech and Debate team continues their season as well with a meet at Green River.  

I want to congratulate Girls Swim Coach Shawna Morgan and Boys and Girls Golf Coach Mike Watson for recently being selected as the Wyoming Coaches Association Coach of the Year in their respective sports. 

Please remember that their will be no PIE meeting this month due to the timing of the meetings as they were spaced with the district-wide PIE meeting.  Our next PIE meeting will be Tuesday, January 9th at 12pm at the LVHS Popo Agie Room.  

On that note I want to personally thank all of you who responded to my recent requests to sit on a couple district committees for curriculum and for calendar.  I had numerous responses for both committees and although only a couple were needed to serve the role, I just wanted to let you all know thank you for your willingness to help. I am very grateful to work with such a great group of parents.  A special thank you to Jared Kail and David Fehringer who sat in on the Curriculum Coordinating Council (CCC) last week to hear our request to have AP Computer Science added as a class at LVHS next fall as well as a request for the LVHS Astronomy Club to offer credit for their students who would meet a minimum level of proficiency in the standards identified.  The committee will make a recommendation to the FCSD # 1 trustees to approve the AP Computer Science Class in December.  This is a big step for LVHS as we have long struggled on how to offer this type of class to our students.  On the Astronomy class, the CCC is working on a template to create clear guidelines and procedures for other clubs who make seek the same opportunities.  They will revisit that issue in Jan/Feb.  Also thanks to Jennifer McPhie and Kari Lynn White who will sit on the calendar committee for the district.  They are just beginning that work after the result of the district-wide calendar survey have been tabulated.  


Brad Neuendorf, LVHS Principal