Hello Seniors and Senior Parents:

I am going to start Senior Credit Checks tomorrow and hopefully be done meeting with all of you by the end of the semester.  We will go over credits, Hathaway level, ACT score, FAFSA, and post high school plans.  Please make sure you come with any questions you have on all of that.  You can stop by yourself to do the senior credit checks, or I will call you out of class.

Also, please make sure you're checking the Post High School Planning Google classroom.  I"m posting all scholarships and deadlines there.  Parents can access those as well at the LVHS Scholarship Central:

We will have "College Application Day" on Friday, Nov. 16.  That day, I will have college reps here from most of the colleges in WY to help you apply to their schools as well as ask questions,  I'll also have folks there to help you with FAFSA, college essays, and college scholarships. 

As always, you can stop by my SRB class in the teachers' lounge anytime to get help.


Stacey Stanbury, M.S., LPC, NCC