Parents: Please find an invitation to access the 2015-16 Online Registration process in the "Inbox" on your Parent Portal front page.

If you don’t yet have a Parent Portal account, or if you cannot access your account, then immediately contact one of the assistance team listed at the bottom of this message and we can help you.

We appreciate parent interest in the District’s new Online Registration process (OLR).  This approach – which allows parents to provide, update, and submit enrollment information for existing and new students – is an exciting improvement over filling out multiple paper forms with redundant information, especially when only a few items of information change from year to year.  

As with other such complicated technology, there have been a few hurdles we've had to overcome in rolling this out to district families. We appreciate your patience with the process, and welcome any honest feedback about your initial experience.  Please send any comments and suggestions to

  • If you enrolled students in the District previously, and now also have new student(s) to enroll for 2015-16: you may do so in the same OLR.
  • If you have not enrolled students in the District previously and now need to enroll for 2015-16: then please contact Renee’ at (307) 332-4711, or email

We will continue to work hard to improve OLR processes and communication, address issues and needs, and support families as quickly as possible.

The FCSD#1 OLR Implementation Team

For Parent Portal and OLR assistance

Please feel free to email

You may also call (307) 332-4711 and ask for Renee Cook.

For households that do not have a computer or Internet access, we can assist you, including offering a computer and workspace at the District Administration Office at 863 Sweetwater.  Staff are also onsite and are enthusiastic to assist you with the process!






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