Make secure payments via Parent Portal!

Starting in the Spring of 2016, parents may use Parent Portal to make a secure payment to their student’s lunch balance.  Payments may be made through “Parent Portal,” a feature we offer that allows parents to securely access information about their student. 

What do I need to have to make an online payment? You need to have two things:

  • Your Parent Portal account credentials, as a parent or guardian
  • A checking account, savings account, or a credit card

How does the process work? 

  • Sign into Parent Portal as a parent or guardian
  • Look for the “Payments” tab on the left.  Clicking this will open the tab where you will see your current lunch balance as well as options to add, change, or remove a payment method. 
  • Add a payment method, if it’s your first time making an online payment
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay, select payment method, then confirm to make the payment

Infinite Campus has posted a set of clear instructions, including screenshots, here:  


How does the process work? 
After you make a payment, a receipt will be automatically emailed to the email address on your Parent Portal account.  You may also view payment history and current balance from Parent Portal, and you may print a journal report of your payments as well.


Where can I find the link to Parent Portal?
Go to the District Website at and you will find links to Parent Portal on the “My Fremont #1” menu as well as on the Parents tab below the opening image.  You may also visit the page directly at


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of making payments online? 
This system allow parents to deposit money in their student’s account, in any amount and at any time, without having to give a student the exact amount in cash every morning. Prepayment also allows for better security. When student account balances get low, parents automatically receive notification by e‐mail.

Who am I making payments to? 
Infinite Campus has contracted with Vanco Services LLC, a PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider specializing in electronic payments. Vanco has provided banking services to over 15,000 nonprofit organizations for more than 18 years. All payment transactions made via the Infinite Campus portal are directly routed to Vanco Services, LLC. For more information, please refer to

Does the district see or keep my credit card information? 
No, neither Infinite Campus nor Fremont #1 has the capability to view, store, or monitor any payment activity (such as card number or accompanying details) during the transaction process or any time afterward.  

Are there any additional charges for making an online payment? 
No, there is no additional convenience or transaction fee for parents, either from the school district or Vanco Services, for using the online payments system.

How much can I pay? 
There is a minimum payment of $5.00 to use the online payment system; otherwise, you may pay any amount and also pre-pay to keep a positive balance.  Infinite Campus provides a suggested amount, based on the previous month’s purchases, but it’s only a suggestion.  Please pay in full, or as much as possible, at least monthly.

Can I pay for additional fees besides lunch balance? 
Currently, only Food Service balances may be paid through Parent Portal.  In the future, additional fees may be available for payment online.

Can I still make a payment by check or cash at the school?

What if I have a payment issue? 
Should any issue arise, please contact either the Fremont #1 Business Office at (307) 332-4711 or the Food Services office at (307) 335-0411.