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Greeting PHS parents, students, staff and community!

This month we are focusing on the Mindset – 100% Accountable.

The 100% Accountable mindset teaches us that we are not victims of our past, that our futures are not predetermined, and that our lives are what we choose them to be at this moment and each moment forward. With a focus on recognizing fears and excuses, this mindset helps us to break down barriers, freeing our minds and focusing our energy on taking critical steps toward our goals. Do not enable; empower! The greatest gift you can give your children is the confidence to fail, face adversity, and overcome challenges. As educators, we sometimes connect our own ego to our child’s successes and accomplishments. Unfortunately, this sacrifices the most important thing, which is giving them the ability to survive and thrive without us. Celebrate failure by teaching your children that it may be the most important ingredient to their ultimate success.

I hope you have seen or heard by now about the wonderful work the students and staff at PHS have done regarding the State Salamander Bill! Students drafted the bill, testified at Senate and House committees, talked to legislators and were recognized through a Mayor’s Proclamation for their hard work. It all paid off and we traveled to Cheyenne for the signing of the bill by Governor Gordon! This was truly a team effort and I am proud of everyone involved!

We are completing the 3rd semester – March 7 is the last day! Please encourage your child to finish strong! Complete all work and attend every day!

Ceatriss Wall, PHS Principal

Bill signing #1
Bill signing
Bill signing with Governor Gordon