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Passion First…

This month the students and staff at Pathfinder High School will be learning about the mindset "Passion First".  The staff has participated in a book study and staff training regarding this mindset and now it is the students' turn!  Once a week during our CCRB block, students will work with Mrs. Harrison and learn about their passions. Last week PHS students and staff had the amazing opportunity to see the Rice Brothers perform which was sponsored by PALS.  During the performance, the duet engaged in a conversation with the students and encouraged them to find something they are passionate about!  It was a great introduction to the mindset for our students.

The Passion First mindset teaches us that we are each a unique expression of human life, and that our lives should be focused on finding our unique genius and sharing it with the world to the maximum extent possible. You will learn to make your dreams authentic, and of such critical importance that you'll find the fuel to overcome any obstacles you face on the way to achieving them.

Teach your children to find validation within. We live in an extrinsically driven world where it's easy to be led by the goals and expectations others have for us. It's typical to assess ourselves based on outside standards, and on what others have or can do. Instead, we must look inward for direction and fulfillment. Every experience in your child's life should be about growth. Constantly focus your attention toward helping them understand the skills they're building, the knowledge they're gaining, and the relationships they're forming along the way. It is crucial that they find validation in who they are becoming, not in what they are accumulating.


Ceatriss Wall, PHS Principal