With fair season upon us, Fremont County School District #1 food service program is seeking donations of beef, pork, and buffalo to enhance the school meal programs!

Federal guidelines and Wyo Department of Education policies requires meat for consumption through the school meal program MUST be processed at a State- or USDA-inspected processor. Wyoming Custom Meats in Hudson qualifies as a State-inspected processor.

Producers may donate live animals to the school district for processing. The district would prefer that the producer deliver the animal to Wyoming Custom Meats, Hudson WY for processing. (Please notify us if this is not an option). FCSD#1 will have the animal processed into various products to be utilized in school nutrition recipes and menus.

Please contact Denise Kinney, Food Service Director at FCSD#1 if you are interested in donating at (307) 335-0411. We thank you for your support!