Fremont #1 Health and Safety Department

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As per District Policy JHC, the purpose of the school health program will be to supplement the efforts and guidance of parents to bring about awareness on the part of students of regular health care.

The objectives of the school health program are:

  • To promote good health habits among students.
  • To stimulate a sanitary and healthful environment in school.
  • To assist in detecting and recommending correction for medical, psychological, and physical handicaps of students.

Additional information about immunizations and medication dispensing may be found on the department links to the right.


Health Records

Health records will be maintained by the nursing staff of your child's school, and kept in the student's cumulative record folder.


Athletic Physical Examinations

Annual examinations shall be required for participants in athletic programs.  More information is available from the Activities Department page.


Annual Screening Examinations

Vision and hearing screening will be planned and administered by nursing personnel for selected grades.


Communicable Diseases, Health Problems, Illnesses & Injuries

Students showing symptoms of a communicable disease, or infectious condition, or injury, illness or disability of a serious nature will be referred to the school nurse.



Any student who is injured at school should immediately report the incident to a faculty or staff member so appropriate care can be given and to have an accident report completed.  A report MUST be on file before a student can file an insurance claim.