Securly is a cloud-based subscription service that offers K-12 Internet content filtering. Websites that students attempt to visit are checked against a list of categorized sites. If the website is found in a prohibited category, the student’s access to the website is blocked and an event is logged into a management console.

Starting mid-September, the District is using Securly to comply with the federal CIPA law.  Under this law, K-12 public school districts must take steps to prevent students from accessing pornographic materials while using district connectivity or equipment. CIPA compliance is required on all school district devices, whether they are in use at school or elsewhere.

Securly affects LVHS students in grades 9-12 no matter where they use their school Google Apps account.  The attached PDF describes Securly and answers basic questions about its operation, and when it is in effect for students.

Securly introduction  (PDF format)

You can learn more about Securly at


Chris Brown
Director of Technoloy, Fremont #1


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