WholeFoodChallengeSeptember Whole Food Challenge for Pediatric Cancer 

For a PDF copy of the flyer, click here: September_Whole_Food_Challenge

All proceeds are going to go towards local families in need of help.


The Challenge:

$5 Donation

  1. You can ONLY weigh in before and after not during the challenge.
  2. Set an “eat clean” goal for yourself. Keep in mind the Whole30 Rules


    1. Eat Real Food
    2. Do not eat Dairy 
    3. Do not eat Grains
    4. Do not eat Legumes
    5. Do not eat Sugar of any kind
    6. Do not eat processed food
    7. Do not drink alcohol in any form
    8. Complete rules:
  3. Each day you are going to rate your progress towards your goal. You can earn a total of 10 points per day. Take points away if you fail to meet your goal. Example not everybody is going to be able to give up Dairy; although, maybe your goal is to limit it. Subtract points if you eat dairy in excess.
  4. You can earn points back in the following ways:


    1. At least 60 minutes of exercise
    2. Drinking water (Daily Water Intake = Body Weight /2 )
    3. 8+ Hours of Sleep
  5. Fill out the Google Form if you are interested. A group spreadsheet will then be email out to keep track of point. If you want to participate but not fill out the spreadsheet that is okay.


    Link to form:






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