I wanted to update you on the concern of threats at Lander Middle School.

Lander Police Department and Fremont #1 administrators have investigated and continue to investigate reports from Safe-2-Tell concerning a student threat toward Lander Middle School. We continue to work together to follow leads and will have a heightened law enforcement presence in the district again tomorrow (Friday 5/17). As we look to improve our response to situations that arise, we will work with administrators and law enforcement to make sure we are communicating in a timely and accurate manner.

I have included the LPD release below.

From Lander Police Chief Thomas Shroyer:

I wanted to give an update and correct any misinformation that might be out there on the incident that was reported last night on social media outlets. To this, I first want to talk about how this incident started and how we got to this point.

Last Wednesday, a 14 year old Lander Middle School student found a toy object on the playground. During this time, the student made a statement about the toy that brought concerns to another student. This concerned student contacted a teacher, who then contacted their administration and one of our School Resource Officers.

The incident was investigated and concluded that the student made a statement that was not a crime or a credible threat to other students. Since no crime had been committed and no credible threat was made, the School Resource Officer and School Administration determined the school would administer discipline on the student.

Yesterday, several Safe-2-Tell tips were made and brought to the School Districts and Lander Police Departments attention. These tips were investigated and were determined to be from the original concerns from last week. We wanted to make sure every tip was investigated so a new threat would not fall through the cracks.

Due to the concerns of the community, we felt it was important to be as forthcoming as possible and worked late into the night to get a press release out on these concerns. At approximately midnight, we were able to get a press release out on Facebook and traditional media by the morning news. I also went on KOVE Radio for Coffee Time at 9:30 a.m. to again get the information out to the public.

I wanted to explain that the School Resource Officers assist the school district in determining if a crime has been committed and if so, they will handle the investigation and forward a case to the Fremont County Attorney’s Office for a review of charges. If no crime has been committed or no credible threat to life or limb is determined to have been made, the school will handle the discipline of the student if needed.

I want the community to know we at the Lander Police Department take all these threats, tips and concerns seriously and investigation them with all due diligence. Most of us are parents as well and have children in the Lander School District. We will do everything in our power to provide a safe environment for our children to learn and study in.


On Thursday May 16, 2019 the Lander Police Department was made aware of a second threat to the Lander Middle School. This threat is a separate threat from the one that was addressed earlier today.

This second incident was made by a 13 year old Lander Middle School Student. A Lander Middle School teacher heard the student make a threat of violence towards the school. The Lander Police Department was advised of the threat and responded to investigate.

The 13 year old student was removed from school. This incident and threat is still under investigation. With the 13 year old removed from school, The Lander Police Department does not believe there is any further threat of safety to the students and staff at this time.

As more information is obtained, we will be updating the media and the public. Additional law enforcement officers will be at all the Lander Schools tomorrow.