Recently it was reported to Lander Middle School administration that a student allegedly made a comment that he was “going to shoot up the school.” This information was received second-hand and reported to a LMS staff member who immediately notified the School Resource Officer and school administrators. The threat was investigated by school administration in conjunction with Lander Police Department. Subsequently the investigation did not reveal any physical evidence (weapons or plans) to substantiate this threat towards Lander Middle School of any student to shoot up the school.

Yesterday, May 15, 2019, Lander Middle School and Lander Police Department received several Safe 2 Tell reports from concerned parents and students indicating that the student was going “to shoot up the school.” LPD has continued to investigate and learned that these Safe 2 Tell tips are part of last week’s incident at LMS.

There have been several reports through social media that have been brought to our attention concerning a specific threat about today, May 16, 2019. This particular threat has not been substantiated. Leads are currently being pursued by LPD and we will continue to work with law enforcement to keep campuses, staff, and students safe.

Due to the investigation, the awards assembly that was scheduled for 6:00 p.m. tonight has been cancelled.

The safety of our children is a top priority for Fremont County School District#1 and we work hard to ensure our school is a safe and welcoming place for all LMS students to learn and thrive. Any threats to our school community are taken very seriously.

Julie Shanley, LMS Principal