Lander Valley High School issues a Chromebook computer for each student's exclusive use throughout their school year.  

This is the third year of our school-wide "one-to-one" initiative.  We have seen increases in student engagement, and we've created a learning environment fostering critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.  We're excited to see what this year brings to our staff and students!


Why are We Doing This?

Why pursue one-to-one computing?  With ubiquitous and constant access to resources, students can realize the following benefits in their learning:

  • Learning takes place in the classroom; students don’t have to cross the school to use a computer lab whose setup is less than ideal for collaborative work.
  • Learning takes place anytime, anywhere.  Students can work online or offline wherever they are, with or without Internet access.
  • Communication becomes much easier.  All students can communicate via email or ad-hoc videoconference with their peers and with teachers.
  • Collaboration through shared documents with real-time multi-user editing
  • Students take their documents and other materials with them in their district Google Apps account.
  • Students can leverage the growing amount of online-only content and assessments that teachers are using to deliver instruction.  National Assessment tests (MAP, SmarterBalanced) can also be taken on the Chromebook in the classroom.

Through one-to-one computing, teachers save time by:

  • Reducing paper and printing.  Paper becomes less important.  Its usage, handling, costs, and auxiliary costs (such as printers and copiers) are reduced.
  • Reduced headache.  No more computer room scheduling or “elbowing” to find time to bring classes to technology, especially during testing times.  Now, technology is always available.
  • Easier communication with students, directly through student email and Schoology class discussions, or through email targeted to an entire grade level of students.
  • Online grading with immediate student (and parent) feedback.

By providing every student with a personal learning device, we are able to ensure that all students have equal access to technology and the opportunity to:

  • Access current digital curriculum and resources
  • Analyze data and draw conclusions
  • Develop digital media expressing their ideas, knowledge, and points of view
  • Use digital tools for organization (calendar, tasks, etc)
  • Communicate and collaborate with teachers and peers beyond an individual classroom
  • Do much more – the potential is limited only by our students’ and teachers’ imaginations!


What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks superficially resemble traditional laptops with a clamshell lid and keyboard. However, Chromebooks are designed to be used with a Google Apps for Education account and do not use traditional user-installed Windows-based software. This makes a Chromebook very easy to manage and troubleshoot  The cost for each Chromebook is around $200 – $240 each.

Chromebooks are very tightly integrated into Google Apps for Education, so each student will use their school account to access their Chromebook. Additionally any student-owned computing device (personal computer, tablet, smartphone) can also access student email and documents. All stored work will be accessible from home, school, and anywhere there is an Internet connection.


Additional Documents


Read the full LVHS Chromebook expectations document (PDF format)
This document was last updated on August 11, 2014
Read the Student Chromebook Expectations presentation (PDF format) 

This document was last updated on August 12, 2014

View the LVHS Chromebook parent presentation (PDF format) 
This is very similar to the Student presentation, above, but with more summary information and less of the tips and tricks.  
This presentation was last updated on August 11, 2014