BYOD Access for Students

A growing number of students are choosing to bring personal technology – such as Internet-connected smartphones, netbooks, and mobile PDAs – to use during the school day.

Devices that connect to the Fremont #1 guest wireless network are subject to the same usage expectations and rules as are District-owned devices, and also subject to additional limitations established by the teacher/school.  

Some points to keep in mind if a student and parent choose to bring personal technology into school:

  • Use of such devices are subject to guidelines and limitations established by classroom teachers, building administration, and the school handbook.
  • The District takes no responsibility for any issue or loss arising from the use of personal devices. 
  • Per Policy IIBF-E, the District reserves the right to search any and all personal technology devices brought upon the school campus or to any school activity or on any school bus if in the judgment of the supervisor or administrator in charge there is a reasonable suspicion to believe it contains evidence of the violation of a District rule, policy, or state or federal law which could subject the student to discipline.
  • The District cannot install or offer licensed software on personal computers.
  • The District cannot and will not offer maintenance, troubleshooting, or repair of any personal equipment.
  • All devices using our Internet connection will send their traffic through our content filter.  The use of personal VPNs to redirect traffic or bypass filtering is blocked.


Student devices may connect to the guest wireless network to access Internet resources.  From this network, students cannot access their network private folders, nor can they access internal educational software.  Students may access their school email and other applications such as Schoology, Google Apps, and Naviance from their own device.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of November 2014, all our guest wireless networks support ONLY the N wireless standard at 5Ghz.  We can no longer support devices that cannot connect at the N standard (such as old G and B devices), nor can we support N devices that only use the 2.4Ghz range.  Please check with your equipment vendor to determine if your equipment can support N in the 5Ghz range.  It's our experience that nearly all new devices (purchased in the last three or four years) can support these high speeds and frequency range.

Two District policies – Policy IIBF and Policy IIBF-E – discuss in further detail how BYOD works.