District Computer Overview

The District currently has around 2,500 active computers (Chromebooks, Chrome desktops, Windows desktops, and IPads).  Here are some statistics about our computer fleet:

  • As of Fall 2016, over 70% of these computers are three years old or less.
  • We use energy-efficient flat LCD monitors on 100% of our desktop computers. Almost all of these monitors are modern widescreen models offering high resolutions for educational applications.
  • All of our Windows and Chrome OS desktop comptuers are energy-efficient small-form-factor boxes or "slimline" design desktops, reducing desk space and clutter as well as reducing energy usage.


Staff Mobile Computers 
Starting in 2009, mobile computers were purchased for teachers, itinerant staff, and administrators.  This provides our staff a more flexible work environment for those who work in multiple sites, participate in meetings and conferences, and choose to work offsite.

However, as times changed and as new options became available, those staff transitioned to a more modern, and less work-intensive, types of mobile technology.  All teachers and itinerant staff are now using mobile technology (either a Chromebook or an IPad tablet computer).  
Technology for Student Use
Approximately 2,200 desktops, mobiles, and tablets are available solely for student educational use.  These computers are located in different places to meet different instructional needs:

  • One-to-one student-issued Chromebooks at LVHS and Pathfinder HS
  • Traditional full-size computer rooms that can accommodate an entire class of students.  Rooms at Gannett Peak (3) and Baldwin Creek (2) use Chrome desktops, while the computer rooms at Lander MS (3) and LVHS (3) use Windows desktops.
  • Smaller "mini-labs" that cannot accommodate an entire class at a time, but allows teachers to use educational software and subscriptions with groups of students in a smaller setting,
  • Classroom student computers: Each elementary classroom has 2-4 student computers for educational tasks, allowing teachers the flexibility to group students and differentiate instruction as needs change.  Additionally, many classrooms at Lander MS and Lander Valley HS have classroom student computers as well to meet specialty class needs (such as architecture design and publishing).

All District computers have a consistent baseline of instructional and educational software.  Students can start work in one room and effortlessly continue in another.

guest wireless network is available at our schools.  A growing number of students are going BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to get their work done, and are encouraged to use the guest network for Internet access. 

One-to-One Chromebook rollout for HS students

Starting in the fall of 2014, we are rolling out a one-to-one (one device per student) environment at Lander Valley HS and at Pathfinder HS.  You can learn more about our one-to-one rollout on this page.

Apple iOS devices
Starting in the fall of 2011, the District is currently piloting iOS devices (iPads, iPod Touch, etc) for instructional use.  There are currently iPads being used as assistive technology devices, as well as an iPod Touch classroom set at Baldwin Creek Elementary.