Safety Measures within the District

The District takes measures to protect District students and staff from inappropriate and obscene content.

Content filtering: You can learn more about our content filtering solution by clicking here.
District-sanctioned services: In lieu of potentially risky third-party services like Facebook, Hotmail, etc, the District offers managed and sactioned services such as:

  • Schoology: An education-friendly, protected, and managed social networking classroom environment.  Edmodo allows the friendly social interaction of Facebook with classroom management, and with account and posting safety and privacy.  Only teachers and other students can see Edmodo classrooms.
  • Google Apps for Education: Student email accounts, calendars, and file storage.  These accounts are set up and managed by District staff.


Links for More Information

OnGuard – A great resource for all aspects of online safety

Microsoft Safety and Security Center – Kids' Pledge for safe Internet usage