tigertots2The Tiger Tots Center is a preschool establishment administered by Gannett Peak Elementary in association with the LVHS Early Childhood student course.

Tiger Tots accepts 3 – 5 year olds.  There are morning and afternoon classes.  Call Miss Paula at (307) 335-0306 for more information.



Tiger Tots Philosophy

Tiger Tots embraces the philosophy that children are by nature explorers, creative, caring, curious, hands-on learners. Children flourish in environments that support their interest and developmental domains. Tiger Tots is a program that allows children to investigate their environment through integrated hands-on experiences and activities. This program exposes children to Pre-K readiness skills; e.g. academic and social.

While the children are learning through hands-on experiences they are also interacting with high school students in the Early Childhood Professions practicum program. Such interaction provides the high school students an understanding of early childhood development.