The Fremont County School District #1 Transportation Department successfully and safely transported our student population on 383,000 route miles, 77,956 activity miles and 12,569 field trip miles for school year 2015-2016. 

The District has a fleet consisting of 30 busses, 25 multi-purpose vehicles, and 12 staff vehicles.  We have a full-service garage that does an excellent job of maintaining all District vehicles to keep them operating safely and efficiently.‚Äč

The right of students to ride a school bus is contingent upon students' good behavior and their observance of established regulations.  The driver of a school bus shall be responsible for the safety of students on the bus. It is the bus driver's duty to notify the principal if any student persists in violating the established rules of conduct.  After warnings have been given to the student and the parent, the principal may withhold from the student the privilege of riding the school bus.


Bus Signals for Drivers

Drivers know that a yellow traffic signal means prepare to stop, if possible, and a red signal means stop.  School bus warnings mean the same thing.  Flashing yellow lights on the bus mean caution; the bus is preparing to stop.  Flashing red lights on the bus mean stop; school children are boarding or leaving the bus.


Transportation Forms for Staff

The Transportation Office uses a broswer-based application, InfoFinder, for staff requesting transportation.

To access these forms, from your PC, click on this link:

For security, this link only works on in-district computers.