Hello!  As you know, our district gets a lot of positive feedback from the community about the great things we share via Facebook and Twitter.  Parents and community members who follow us get to see all the things we're doing, and we're many times picked up by County10, Wyo Dept of Education, and other entities and shared through them as well.

So we thought we'd end the semester with a fun contest!

For the next seven days (today through Thursday the 22nd), we encourage you to take photos and tweet all the great things happening in your classes and activities! 

For each tweet that gets retweeted, we will place a slip with your name into our prize jar.  On Thursday at 2pm we will draw from the jar for two winners, and each winner gets a $20 Amazon gift card!

Eligible tweets are defined as:

  • A tweet must contain at least one photo to be entered (tweet may contain up to four photos max).  And please try to give us a little description of what's happening.  A quick text description helps us make Facebook posts.
  • Up to three tweets a day per account will be entered (of course, feel free to share as much as you'd like)
  • Staff must tweet on their own, using either their own account or a district-provided one

We will be using your photos and descriptions to make Facebook posts and website articles to share with the community.  Some will also be posted on Pitchengine, our new communications piece that ties directly to County10.

We hope you participate!​   🙂   


Chris Brown, Director of Technology