What is the UW Summer High School Institute?

The UW Summer High School Institute (HSI) is a three-week summer residential program.  It is designed to offer intellectually talented high school students (like you!) a challenging and enriching educational experience on the University of Wyoming campus.  HSI provides an opportunity for you to:

  • take part in an exceptional summer enrichment program,
  • spend three weeks on the University of Wyoming campus,
  • learn in small, informal classes with no grades or tests,
  • study with outstanding university faculty,
  • enjoy an environment where you can be yourself,
  • meet new people in a relaxed university atmosphere,
  • develop long-lasting friendships, and
  • discover how students from all over Wyoming think about themselves and the world.

The program will provide you with a well-balanced campus experience.  The university community, with its rich academic and cultural opportunities, is a challenging and exciting place.  Within this dynamic environment you can grow intellectually and personally as well as cultivate your leadership capabilities.

At the Summer High School Institute, students, faculty and staff exchange ideas and share the joy of learning in an award community atmosphere without concern about grades or credits.  A highly qualified group of university faculty and special consultants work closely with students in classes, seminars, and extracurricular activities, including stimulating speakers, films, field trips and recreational events.

Institute students are a wonderfully diverse mixture of young people from all over the state.  HSI is a time of challenge, excitement, exploration and discovery.  The young people who attend share common problems at a time in their lives when they are questioning, reaching, and searching—a time during which they change and grow.  The program gives them a unique opportunity to stimulate each other with their enthusiasm and vitality in an academic community in which learning thrives.

This is a competitive program.  If you wish to apply, your application must be submitted to the LVHS Guidance Office by January 19, 2015.  Pick up applications in the LVHS Guidance Office.





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