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A Message from Our Principal

Gannett Peak Elementary educates all of Fremont #1’s K–3 students, except for a few students at the Jeffrey City School. With approximately 550 students and 90 staff, we are one of the largest elementary schools in Wyoming. Gannett Peak Elementary is a professional learning community (PLC). This means that as educators we work collaboratively together multiple times a week using data and action research to achieve better results for our students. The key to improved learning for students is continuous job-embedded learning for our teachers. During our planning periods and Wednesday early outs, we work together to clarify exactly what our students need to know, monitor each student’s learning, and plan for systematic interventions and enrichment. 

We are proud of our school for many reasons. First and foremost, is the culture we have created at Gannett Peak. We focus our PLC on ensuring a high level of education for all students rather than teachers only concerning themselves about the achievement of the students in their class. You might have heard your child say they have gone to a different teacher’s room for learning. At Gannett Peak we flex group, therefore, we group students for a period of time after a given assessment to support their learning, whether that be for intervention or enrichment. These groups are fluid based on each student’s performance for a given assessment. All grade level teachers and support staff work with students during this flex time. 

Most importantly, what makes our culture so special at Gannett Peak is the relationships we establish with students and families. Almost every teacher I have talked to has stated they went into teaching to make a difference. This is what teaching is all about - reaching clear into the heart of another human being. It is calming kids when they have had a recess with no friends, celebrating when they learn how to tie their own shoes, sharing the joys of a new puppy at home, and integrating our own personal experiences into the lessons we teach. There is no question about it - the success of your child begins at home, so communication between home and school is crucial. Your child’s teacher will be communicating regularly with you about your child’s progress, and we ask that you address any concerns or issues immediately with the teacher first, then the principal if you cannot resolve the issue. Stay connected to our school happenings via our website or Twitter handle @Fremont1_GPeak. We welcome all families at Gannett Peak and encourage you to become a partner with us in your child’s education.

At Gannett Peak School, teachers are committed to helping students succeed with the end goal of every student graduating from high school: college, career, and/or military ready. One of the building blocks at Gannett Peak is believing in strong arts and physical education programs. Each week your child will have 80 minutes of P.E., art, and music. This is more than most students receive across Wyoming and the United States. These programs develop life skills of self discipline and teamwork, plus research shows the arts change the brain in positive ways. By providing a well-rounded education, students are more self-confident and achievement increases.

Every year in August we get to start fresh again. Teachers are busy planning engaging lessons, specific routines, and procedures for the children to follow. This means giving children a set schedule, a place to find and keep their materials, etc., so students feel safe and can maximize their learning. It is important to provide these routines at home, too, such as a regular bedtime. Often families will build in quiet time when the television is shut off and the whole family reads. This time is invaluable for developing reading stamina, reflection, as well as stimulating imagination. Whatever routines you decide to put in place, be mindful that childhood is a special time for learning, exploring the world around them, and experiencing the joy of discovery. 

I am excited to be the principal at Gannett Peak Elementary School. My educational journey began in a one-room country school in southwestern South Dakota where I attended K–6 grades. I was the only girl in my grade and loved helping the younger students and the teacher. From a very early age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and I consider myself a lifelong learner. I love kids of all ages but truly have a passion for primary students. I am honored to be a part of your child’s journey at Gannett Peak and to work in such a caring and supportive community.

Sincerely in Education,

Leslie Voxland

Leslie Voxland, Principal

Our Mission

In partnership with families and community, we educate students to become responsible citizens who respect one another and have the motivation, skills, and knowledge to succeed.

Our vision

By setting high expectations and providing diverse learning opportunities, we will empower students to succeed in careers, college, and life.