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Gannett Peak Elementary home

Welcome to
Gannett Peak

Welcome to Gannett Peak Elementary School, home of the Cougars! We have over 500 students and 90 staff that work together every day under one big roof. Gannett Peak School is a community that works together as a team to create multiple opportunities for the success of all students. We have a committed, energetic, hard-working, and creative staff. We recognize and strive to meet our students’ emotional, social, and physical needs. We promote their growth by helping them become critical thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators, and caring citizens.

A Message from Our Principal

Hello, families! You are our partner in your child’s education. Our mission is to provide the best education for your child to be successful. Gannett Peak's mascot is a Cougar, so our motto here is, "Every Cougar, Every Day!"

We know that having parents involved in their child’s education significantly improves how much they will learn. Classroom teachers stay connected with families using an app called Seesaw. During open house on August 22, feel free to ask questions about Seesaw with your child’s teacher. If you have time to volunteer, please visit with the classroom teacher and complete a form in the front office as we would be glad to have your support. Oftentimes families like to join their child for lunch. We ask that you wait until after October 1 so we can practice lunch routines and procedures.

Our number one priority is to keep our students safe. Ms. Tammy and Ms. Sarah in the front office will greet visitors and ask for your ID before they buzz you into the school. A simple reminder that if you are picking your child up after school, please wait for the bell to ring before coming in the gate. We frequently have students outside until the last minute, and in order to keep our students safe we need to know who is on the school grounds.

During the school year if you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s academics, behavior, etc., the first step is to talk to your child’s teacher. If the issues are not resolved, then either Principal Mrs. Voxland or Assistant Principal Ms. Park would be glad to work with you to address the concern.

Finally, one of the hardest things about education is we never know our true impact. A great teacher will impact students for a lifetime. The Gannett Peak staff strives to make everyday special for our students, so we hope the 2023–2024 school year is a joyful memory for years to come.

Sincerely in Education,

Leslie Voxland

Leslie Voxland, Principal

Our Mission

In partnership with families and community, we educate students to become responsible citizens who respect one another and have the motivation, skills, and knowledge to succeed.

Our vision

By setting high expectations and providing diverse learning opportunities, we will empower students to succeed in careers, college, and life.