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Jeffrey City School

A Caring Community Dedicated to Lifelong Learning

Jeffrey City School is a small, K–5 rural school located in the community of Jeffrey City, Wyoming, 60 miles outside of Lander. Currently, JCS has six students and one teacher at the school.

At Jeffrey City, students enjoy dedicated 10 Mbps of bandwidth to ensure fast access to learning materials as well as a full video conferencing system that allows our students to receive instruction from Gannett Peak Elementary art, music, and library teachers.

Our History

Historically, Jeffrey City was a much larger school during the 1970s and 1980s when the town thrived from uranium mining in the region. As mining interests waned, the town's population steeply declined to today's level. Today, about 55 people live in the community. We invite you to learn more about Jeffrey City’s history.

A Message from Our Principal

Hello, Longhorns!

I am excited to for another year as the principal at Jeffrey City School. I spent eight years working in Rock Springs, Wyoming where I taught fifth grade for six years and spent two years as an instructional facilitator. Today, these experiences help me support our staff as we continue to strive to meet the needs of all of our students. 

As a small rural school, Jeffrey City is presented with some unique challenges and opportunities. With six students in first through fifth grades, we have a wide variety of needs to meet. To do this, we create individual learning plans to differentiate as much as possible for all students. We also take advantage of our small numbers to do exciting hands on projects that frequently are not feasible for a normal 20 student class. Moreover, we try to regularly bring our students into Lander, so they have experience with their same age peers. We hope that this helps decrease anxiety when they transition to Lander Middle School in sixth grade. We also use these trips to expose students to opportunities like musical performances that would not be available to them in Jeffrey City.

I know that Jeffrey City School is integral to the community around Jeffrey City. Help us continue to involve the community to ensure that communication between Jeffrey City School, the community, and the Lander schools continues for everyone’s benefit.

As your principal, I am dedicated to making the Jeffrey City School the best place for learning possible. Go, Longhorns!

Your partner in education,Andrew Lanz-Ketcham

Andrew Lanz-Ketcham