2021 Reopening Info Page

Welcome to Fremont County School District #1’s new parent resource page. The intention of this page is to provide one page where parents and families can access all the information that will assist them in their efforts to successfully support their children’s school journey, from their initial enrollment through high school graduation.

Here at FCSD #1 we strongly believe that schools, family, and the community should work together to promote the health, well-being, and education of all students. A welcoming environment with responsive lines of communication is key to the family/school relationship. To improve those lines of communication, FCSD #1 created a new position, community relations coordinator. This position will represent the entire district with an emphasis on building family, school and community relationships.

The district is committed to supporting parents and families by empowering them and giving them a voice and opportunity to be engaged and recognizes that open, honest, two-way communication between the school, family, and community is an essential part of that process. In order to honor that commitment the district welcomes and needs your suggestions. Please click on the suggestion box below with any thoughts, suggestions, or concerns.

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Matt Jaobson

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Matt Jacobson
FCSD#1 Community Relations Coordinator
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