Our Transportation Department places a top priority on the safety of each student in our district. We support all district transportation needs such as busing students to and from school each day, providing special needs transportation, accommodating all extracurricular and activity trip busing needs, and providing vehicles for employees to attend workshops and conferences. 

FCSD #1 has a fleet of 30 busses, 25 multi-purpose vehicles, and 12 staff vehicles. Our full-service garage does an excellent job of maintaining all district vehicles to keep them operating safely and efficiently.

Bus Riding Is a Privilege

Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right, contingent upon a student’s good behavior and observance of established regulations. Our school bus drivers enforce bus rules to ensure travel to and from school is as safe as possible. It is his/her duty to notify the principal if any student persists in violating the established rules of conduct. A student who fails to abide by district rules and standards may lose the privilege of riding the school bus.

Bus Signals for Drivers

Drivers know that a yellow traffic signal means prepare to stop, if possible, and a red light means stop. School bus warnings mean the same thing. Flashing yellow lights on the bus mean caution; the bus is preparing to stop. Flashing red lights on the bus mean stop; school children are boarding or leaving the bus.

Transportation Staff

Janet Boulette
Activities Driver

Michael Davey

Greg Dugan
Bus Monitor

Bob Hallam
Activities Driver

Oren Hendrickson
Full-Time Substitute

Kyle Jorgensen
Activities Driver

Dan Kunze
Bus Driver

Inger Malmberg
Full-Time Substitute/Activities

Davette Mock
Bus Driver

Sabrina Nelson
Bus Driver

David Peevey
Transportation Supervisor

Forrest Peters
Bus Driver

Todd Peterson
Bus Driver

Cary Poledna
Warehouse Manager/Bus Driver

Tony Romans
Bus Driver

Tara Romans
Bus Driver

Carrie Teal
Transportation Secretary

Conrad Thain

Sondra Watkins
Bus Driver

Kerry Whiteplume
Activities Driver

Becky Zimmerman
Bus Driver